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Welcome to the Stacy Lab at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. We use a combination of field, greenhouse, and lab (molecular and microscopy) techniques to study plant evolution, with a particular focus on speciation in trees. Our studies examine population divergence and reproductive isolation within Hawaiian plant groups, especially within the landscape-dominant tree genus Metrosideros (’Ohi’a). Current projects in the lab include:

  • Phylo- and functional genomics of diversification within Metrosideros
  • Ecological divergence among Metrosideros taxa
  • Strengths and stages of reproductive barriers within Metrosideros
  • Patterns of phenotypic diversification of Cyrtandra and Clermontia across islands


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Prospective Students: If you would like to join our group to study plant ecology and evolution (at either the undergraduate or graduate level), please send me an email!

'Ohi'a mamo (yellow-flowered 'ohi'a)

‘Ohi’a mamo (yellow-flowered ‘ohi’a)

Salmon 'ohi'a

Salmon ‘ohi’a

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Stacy
School of Life Sciences
Office: WHI 213, Lab: WHI 252
University of Nevada Las Vegas
4505 S. Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154
Office: 702-895-4461
Lab: 702-895-1190
Mail Stop: 4004